Four Ravens, Three Peaks, and Some Fish

Aspen Trees

Often the first tree to reforest burned woodlands. Symbolism includes determination and overcoming fears and doubts. The tree is seen as a source of strength, shelter and protection. Calms fear and brings laughter. Guards the rebirth of the sun; protects against evil.

Blue (sea)

Fidelity. Symbol for truth and the eternity of God (for what is true, is eternal).


Fish have the psychic power of unconscious belief. Symbols of happiness, strength and endurance. Secret wisdom. Prophesy.

Four (ravens)

The number “four” represents the world: practicality and stability.

Full Moon

Carries feelings and emotions. Completion. Strength. Represents peace, beauty, and serenity.


Love. The center of development.


A wanderer on this earth. A messenger or guide on life’s journey. Was the first bird released from Noah’s ark. Ravens were thought to be the only birds to understand the augurs (interpretations of the Gods, signs, omens). The harbinger of change, hidden potential, and instinctiveness.


Represents dynamic forces. Unconscious or subconscious depths of feelings. Empathy.


Healing energy; source of knowledge and inner wisdom. Active or dynamic aspect of the life of the unconscious psyche. Its ability to shed its skin makes the snake a symbol of invitation, transformation, self renewal. Usually snakes are seen in healing and fertility rites. A snake is often considered a hunter.

Three fish)

A number associated with perfection (omne trium perfectum). Often said that “the third time is a charm”.

Three Sisters Peaks

The Three Sisters are three volcanic peaks of the Cascade Range in Oregon, USA. The Sisters were named Faith, Hope, and Charity by early settlers.

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Susan’s work reflects an intellectual curiosity fueled by a love of music, literature, and global travel. She believes that fine art must have the power to provoke and convey a heartfelt vision. Her work depicts the joys and challenges that we all experience in our life journeys. Susan executes commissioned work for individuals, companies, and community organizations. Her works have been exhibited in public galleries and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

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