Zenia Dimitrakopoulou

Dr. Dimitrakopoulou Eugenia (Zenia) is a visual artist and an art educator based in Athens. She originally graduated as a Surveying Engineer from the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A) and had a Masters degree in London (MSc in Transport, Imperial College, scolarship from Eugenides foundation). 

She graduated as a painter from the Athens School of Fine Arts (1997-2003 with Professor D. Mytaras), where she also attended courses on Art Teaching, Photography, Mosaic Art, Engraving and Sculpture. 

She has completed an MSc program in “Architecture-Space Planning” at the Athens School of Architecture (N.T.U.A), focusing on “Planning-Space-Culture” (2004-2006). Her thesis concerned a hermeneutical approach of the geometrical structure of Vermeer’s works. Since 2015 he has completed her PhD thesis on the analysis of Vermeer’s consistent approach, concerning the geometrical structure and the symbolism in his works, in the section of History of Art at the Athens School of Architecture, with a scholarship from the University’s Research Fund.

She has been showing her art in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 2003. Artworks by her are included in private collections in Greece, England, Germany, Russia, Canada and the U.S.A. She gives painting lessons and lectures on art history.