Yuliia Stelmakh

Yuliia believes that life is a magic. In her eyes world is bright and open for new experience and knowledge. Energy is around us and we are the bright energy. She is paintings this world from here own point of view and and admires life in all its manifestations. She believes in kindness and love between people and has a passion to change contemporary art on beautiful way. Yuliia fills each picture with positive energy of happiness, good luck, goodness and life change for the better of each person who will own her work. Yuliia lives and work in Ukraine. Her lifetime passions are travel and gaining new experiences. The creative inspiration for each of her paintings is the beauty she see around every day. Painting is her way of trying to share her warmth and positive outlook on life. Most of all Yuliia likes painting of pets. she is convinced that pets are like children, like a family members for their owners. She feels the character of pets, their mood and personality. Yuliia took part three times in Easter group Exhibition in Kyiv Ukraine (2015, 2016 and 2017), and Exhibition in the National Bank of Ukraine (2019). Her works are in the private collections in the USA, the UK, Greece, Russia and Ukraine.