William Richardson

Mr. Richardson is a sculptor working in mild steel, Corten, iron, stainless and aluminum. He uses industrial forms comprised of steel plate, angle iron, I beam, H beam, bar stock and other components commonly found in heavy construction. These materials are joined by oxy-acetylene, SMAW, TIG, MIG or Thermit welding and then drilled and tapped for assembly. Mr. Richardson has large permanent installations of steel work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Meredith College, the City of Raleigh and elsewhere. Mr. Richardson has also exhibited large works in national competitions juried by J. Carter Brown, Dore Ashton, Donald Kuspit, Nancy Graves and Robert Maki. Mr. Richardson has large work in several private collections and is listed in the Smithsonian Information Database (SIRIS) for “The Square Root of Two”. Mr. Richardson received his MFA under sculptor and painter Kenneth Campbell and his BFA under Robert Howard. Mr. Richardson has created several small industrial steel works and though not maquetes, many of these new works are suitable for enlargement for public space.

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