Tolu Aliki

“Tolu Aliki, is a contemporary figurative artist, born and raised in Nigeria. Born on the 7th of February, 1976,  Aliki has been a gifted artist from a young age. As an emerging artist, he discovered his distinct style and fondness for painting deeply personal subject matters. Born out of love for the Arts, and that innate desire to express himself, he then began his journey towards becoming a professional oil pastel, and acrylic painter through self training, after graduating form the university with a degree in Mass Communication.

He began to exhibit his works steadily, and his stylized figurative compositions, and landscape subjects drew attention from established artists, art collectors, and art galleries around the world, which immediately propelled Aliki to national recognition as a leading  contemporary master painter, while his career grew and moved him into the celebrated realm of solo exhibitions in Lagos, Nigeria, and in Lisbon, Portugal. Most of his works have found its greatest expression when addressing the concept of passion; Love, Music, family and everyday social interactions. His works exhibit a high standard of understanding and application of colours, depth of content and aesthetic beauty. The uniqueness and originality of his work gives them the flair and authenticity no art lover could resist. He lives in Lagos where he continues to paint in his private studio.”