Rikardo Druskic

Rikardo Druškić was born in 1990. in Zagreb, but almost all his life, he lives in Sarajevo. His interest is in the field of illustration and digital art, but it spreads further, to the other forms of expressing in visual arts. Today, Rikardo is a young prolific artist, he is only 26 years old and he has made around 600 works.

To date, he has exhibited his work in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sarajevo and Mostar, as well as around the world – New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Taiwan. He is one of the finalists in the Art Revolution Competition Taipei in April 2014. Three months later, in July 2014. his works “Madness Continuous” and “Depth” are selected from the group “see.mee.”, and presented at the famous Times Square in New York. The first solo exhibition entitled “Tales of Love” took place at the Gallery Boris Smoje in September 2014. in Sarajevo.

He is one of the winners in collective exhibition in New York at the Gallery 25N in October 2014. In Sarajevo. In July of 2015 he draws mural on Historical museum in Sarajevo that was an homage to Srebrenica genocide. In August 2015. Druskic won first place with his work “Beginning” in the category of abstract art at the American competition within the web site Art-Competition.net. In September 2015 his work `Madness continues` wins 2nd place in Mind magazine. In October 2016 he draws mural in Sarajevo Youth Theater, which is the first time for an artist to draw in the theater world of Sarajevo, inside the theater. In December 2016 he makes first video exhibition in Sarajevo, on a 1000 m2 screen called `Children Joy` In November 2017 he has his first international exhibition called Digginside“ in Berlin, Gallery Mainoeuvre .