Paul Grueneberger

“I have been pursuing my dream of creating impressionist abstract art since 2008 when I retired from my everyday job as a computer technician. My approach to making a painting is to repeatedly create and partially destroy what is on the canvas, a process which leads to a series of creating problems and solving problems.  This has the desired effect of giving the painting a visible history, often partly obscured.  I often use different acrylic mediums, sometimes making the paints very fluid – creating numerous layers of washes, and other times making the paints varying thicknesses – creating various textures on the surface of the painting.

I like to begin paintings by loosely covering the surface with several colors, anticipating that much of these first layers will be partially or completely covered up but will still add to the  depth of the painting. I proceed to make marks and create areas of acrylic paints and acrylic mediums with numerous tools, including numerous methods of masking and unmasking, all the time reacting to the interaction of the shapes and colors, the lines and edges, from what has gone before and what is developing.”