Orkun Boragan

“Orkun Boragan was born in 1983 in Ankara. Following his high school education, he was graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Izmir Dokuz Eylül in 2004. In 2008, he studied M.A. Degree in Painting at the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical State University in Odessa, Ukraine. As of 2008, he has composed his workings at his art atelier and participated in national and international karma exhibitions since then.
By internalizing the biological world on the ideal dimension of organism, he objectifies – in his paintings – the ‘’abstract design’’ through the pictorial features, line, colour, form, style and images for rearrangement of everything pertaining to life via mental designs. The in-depth and in-width evaluation of the surface is the abstractedly dissemination of third dimension.”