Matt Cunningham

A self-taught artist, Matthew Cunningham (Moon_Patrol) has created digital collage art for the past five years. As an avid reader of science fiction, horror stories, and comic books, he draws on inspiration from these genres for his work. As a nod towards his fascination with science fiction, chimeras and monsters are recurring motifs. Another theme often invoked in his work is the idea of surface identities, of facades, and what we hold below those surfaces. The achieve this theme, the motifs of cut-away heads, split faces, and sloughing masks revealing a startling presence are often seen. His art has been displayed at the Outré Gallery in Melbourne, and featured in Upper Playground and BallPitMag, House of Roulx, and in various book covers, clothing lines, and album covers. A full-time teacher and father of a 2 year-old daughter, Matthew dedicates his free time to creating his art.