Mathieu Nozieres

“My work develops around the interest I have for mankind, nature and all the forms of life and non-life that surround us. The topics covered often feature protagonists accompanied by an animal which can symbolise a certain freedom that each of us desires to reach. The horse, regularly present, presents itself as a dynamic and solid force on which rests the core of each rider.

Imagination is a field of research of great interest to me and my work explores the ability to respond to a concrete reality through an individual and subjective proposition. This metamorphosis of reality paired with the mechanics of the imagination is one of the keystones of my work. The resultant paintings of this process are the cradle to many opposing forces aiming to highlight different ways of coexisting in a solid, ethical and sustainable harmony. Among these forces, we can find the lightness and the heaviness, the impulse and the restraint, the fast and the slow, the active and the passive, the ephemeral and the permanent. All are trying to lead us to the great inner and outer flows that animate us and how each of us embodies them, in our way, during a lifetime.

The technique used takes its inspiration from the roots of traditional European painting. The very old medium of oil painting coexists with the contemporary themes and brings out a dialogue between the past and the present which places my work in a logical continuity. The paintings alternate between black and white, color, monochrome, large and small formats, all trying to reproduce the diverse garden that is life, which is ultimately my main field of exploration, reflection and experimentation.”