Leily Kaddissi

Born in 1965, Leily Golzar Kaddissi is an American artist who migrated at a very young age to the United States from Iran.  Coming from a family of artists, she was raised in a creative atmosphere. Her mother is an accomplished painter who filled the house with art and exposed her to artists, exhibitions and museums throughout her life. Her father is a renowned architect who instilled in her the love and appreciation for the artistic elements of historic architecture. She grew up watching artists and artisans adorn buildings with carved figurative stuccos, sculptured friezes and colorful ornamental mirrors and mosaics, fascinated by their ability to create such majestic beauty on walls and ceilings.  Being self-taught, Leily’s approach to painting is open and original, drawing inspiration from the works of Gustav Klimpt and the ornamental designs of historic Qajar architecture and art. Her work combines her love of rich and vibrant colors with the individuality and freedom of impressionism and surrealism.