Lauren Addington-Elmore

Lauren Addington-Elmore relishes capturing the moments in life that help unfold the quiet power and mystery of relationship, communication and perspective. Though her subjects, color pallets, compositions and techniques tend to vary depending on each individual piece, the essential intention of her artwork is to cultivate opportunities for open dialogue among both contemporaries, and the unalike. She explains, “The intentionality to step out of our own perspective and consider an others is a powerful gift that I absolutely refuse to take for granted. I find that reflecting these observations through art and storytelling helps me to see truly that we are all in search of something more- something much, much more than the circumstances, feelings and surroundings we invite, enjoy, never asked for, run from and endure daily in life. If I were able to walk daily through life with the sum of all of the perspective moments I’d ever witnessed in plain sight, I know I would see that this world is not all that there is to be had, and I want to share that.” Lauren Addington-Elmore is an east Texas native who holds a B.S. in Cinematic Film & Digital Media from John Brown University, where she minored in Fine Art. She is an exhibiting oil painter at Brush Strokes Gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her pursuit of cultivating powerful communication through fine art is accredited to her late father, Rocklan David Addington.