Koen Olie

“​Inspiration nowadays can come in many ways, whether it is something I saw during my early morning walks, on the way to work, a song title, a news item, a random remark, nature, music, anything really. But once and a while both my mind and the paper are blank.

In those cases I usually start by drawing a frame, a beginning at least.  Next follows some doodling, I love patterns, influenced in the past by M.C. Escher and nowadays by nature. It’s amazing how leaves, flowers, trees, bushes, etc., are ‘constructed’!

Nine out of ten times after a few ‘scribbles’, the result suddenly falls together and it becomes a landscape, a space scene, a whatever…

As an avid Science Fiction and comics lover I obviously can’t escape certain styles, but my ‘spaceships’ are usually based on household or natural objects, as I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to technology.

Believe it or not, I don’t even drive a car…

After the 1000+ drawings which I have created since December 2011, a number of themes have developed, kind of unconsciously; I just put my highlight marker on paper and things happen!”