Ken Padlan

“My father did many paintings during his existence of this world and he would sit and explain to me how he had achieved the right light and shade, the effect of water and fire, etc. I loved listening to him talk about art. I always drew as a child… I spent these hours drawing, pretending I was at the beach and drawing weird faces and figures. This most definitely some influence on my later work.

I paint what I like, whatever touches me, without thinking of what dealers or collectors wanted to see. I think this is important for an artist, especially at the beginning. Be yourself, paint what you want and don’t try to cater for the art market. I always remind myself, no matter how many details, effects or different techniques I use in my work, that I must somehow let the spectator know that this is my painting. I usually draw and paint nude figures, faces, lines, & patterns and collaborate them in one piece. People are beautiful not because of they have a pretty face but their beauty comes from the inside. Body language and the story, it tells have always fascinated me. Crossed arms, hands on hips, people touching, heads held high, and holding hands… these are the things that tell stories.

I use different mediums: watercolor, oil, acrylic and colored pencils, I use them depends on my mood and emotion. I think the most fulfilling part of painting is when I achieve something amazing, the feeling of achievement is almost impossible to explain. Of course, the more I paint and the more mistakes I make, the more I learn how to master it. This is the challenge that keeps me going, hoping to become a better artist.”