Karina Plachetka

“My subjects include portraits, still life, and landscapes – especially with Mediterranean themes. Born and raised in Poland, I have been living and working for over 30 years near Munich in Germany. After graduating from the ‘Freie Kunstwerkstatt Prof. Hans Seeger’ in Munich in 2000, I worked as a freelance illustrator, graphic artist, and painter. In 2005 and 2007, I visited summer courses in ‘Portrait Painting’ at ‘The Florece Academy of Art’ in Florence and this had an immense influence on my work.

During the years 2003 to 2013, I ran art studios with small art galleries in Munich. Since 2013, I have been spending time classifying my own large collection in order to manage and market it, as well as continuing my projects, painting workshops and artistic travels, especially to the Canary Islands.”