Joseph Alix Gauchier

“Born in the Country of Haiti, Alix Joseph Gauchier discovered his vocation of art and photography at the age of 16 and started painting. After high school, he moved to Florida to attend college. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from the International Fine Art College Miami.

After graduation Alix Pursued a career in the states, specializing in commercial retail design. After many years living in the States, he developed a curiosity for his own culture and history (Haiti), and he is trying to express that in his latest works. He believes most paintings need to be framed to reflect the true meaning, character and dimension of the artwork.

With his curiosity for the Haitian culture, he believes art reflects visible and invisible things and the powers around us. His love for the instrument “tambour” (drum) is reflected in most of his latest paintings. For him, the tambour is a very powerful and ethereal instrument that can put us in another spiritual dimension and he uses it as a symbol of a spiritual being.”