Jonathon Campbell Mills

“​””So, you must have balls of steel to do arts”” Campbell Mills tweeted a few years back. ‘Art is hard’ he says,  he believes in Art as witness. “”I like, reference historical, cultural or political topics and it’s usually not pretty, ugly in fact””.

Campbell Mills lives and works in central Bristol, UK, surrounded by provocative stenciled pieces by Banksy. He produces paintings, sculpture and installations, and has won awards and commissions for his large-scale works, including a prestigious Royal West of England Academy award for best piece in show at the 163rd Open event.

His latest show ‘No Earth Beneath My Feet’ has garnered critical acclaim for it’s investigative look into migration, displacement and identity. ‘I’ve been invited to tour the show by a couple of different local authorities – problem is I sold most of the big pieces, mostly into private collections Europe, so I’m currently working like a maniac to replace them – Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines’.”