Johann Kementaris

“Kementaris is a French photographer born in 1982 in the Drôme.

From a mechanical father, and great grandparents painter, Kementaris developed an imaginary mix of art and industry. Engineer in the automobile then industrial designer, he feeds his artistic universe of his professional environment. His photographic work is the association and reflection of two worlds that fascinate him, mechanics and biology.​

Influenced by Jules Verne, Salvador Dali or Giger, he expresses his sensitivity through photo-editing and digital manipulation. He masters the creative process of shooting until printing. Each photo is apprehended as a mechanical challenge conditioned by its surrealist vision.

Attracted by Steampunk codes, Kementaris shares Magpie Killjoy’s vision. Afflicted by the current state of technology, which is uniform and overly dependent on fossil fuels and mass production. In his eyes, steampunk is a way of going back in time until we could have made a different choice. Kementaris is a direct heir to this multi-faceted movement. He questions us. What defines us? What is our animal part? What place do we have in this industrial world? To that, Kementaris gives us a track: “”Memento Mori””. And indeed, it is a matter here of elevation of the soul. Kementaris shakes up our dark side that is struggling on this polluted planet, and beyond…