Jennifer Bothast

“I have always been fascinated with the way the light glows through stained glass. I remember being a small child and walking along the rows of stained glass windows and being moved to tears not only by the story telling of the stations of the cross, but by the transcendent beauty of the art. As I grew older and began to experiment with color in my own paintings, I had been searching for a similar purity in tone and translucence. The movement and line have also become very important, as I try to guide the viewer to what I see. My art work has been evolving over the last 12 years in conjunction with my own spiritual journeying.

Most recently, I have begun using painting as prayer, setting down my intentions in charcoal as I begin, hoping the vibrations of my intention remains perceptible on an energetic level. I have also started studying the Celtic chakras which are not linear..they are described as a spiral. They are not this/that, they are and/and. With all the turmoil around us, I have begun to create a world within my own peace. It does, after all, start with me. I hope you can feel that evolution as you scroll through my artwork. We truly do create our own realities and that miraculous change in perception sets us free.”