Jean-Vincent Escalant

“A self-taught artist, Jean-Vincent Escalant chose 15 years ago to dedicate himself to his art. Brilliantly sensitive, he plays with colors and features with the permanent aim of enlightening the observer on the true emotions of society and its actors and he has been strongly guided by primitive art for many years in Latin America.  His fascination with the cities of the world, their people, and modern architecture makes building, skyscrapers, towers an integral part of his artistic approach. His research work on new techniques using only the classic components of oil painting combined with natural materials allows him to push the limits of his creation. Constantly in a process of creation, painting can not suffice to express the bubbling of his ideas.

Jean-Vincent Escalant is above all a creator. The style he has forged from his different inspirations: Raoul Dufy, Andre Masson, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and more recently Pablo Picasso drives his motto: Why should not the life of any individual be a work of art?”