Elías Pinto Casanova

“Originally from Mexico, I was born in the south and at the age of 20, I migrated to the center of the country. My interest in the plastic arts is rooted in my adolescence and since then, I have participated in shows, both solo and group exhibitions. The most noteworthy to date is the representation of my baccalaureate to an interstate competition in 2009 and winning a portrait competition at a gallery in 2016.

Apart from the sales of my work I make commissions, and have created custom works and sacred art for churches, as well as portraits and commissions of all various subjects.

I am a visual creator who thinks that art and culture are a format that, in order to offer an attraction to the senses, it must transmit reflection, knowledge and an appreciation of human experience that can be approached from many perspectives. Art is therefore a natural ally of science and philosophy, forming a trinity that feeds back into an infinite spiral. With the following works I intend to satisfy the senses and awaken reflection with compositions, colors and figures according to a concept that is explored with a visual language, where figuration and geometric abstraction complement each other towards different directions with an internal sense.

I seek to cover the real, the imaginary and the symbolic in the treatment of themes and concepts, since the objective is to enhance suggestion in the coordinates of a mythical-poetic language. Since in the opinion of its servants, art is an instrument with multiple disciplines that is at the service of the subjective chronicle made by its performers (musicians, architects, filmmakers, writers, etc.), because within the whole of collective work, a mosaic is woven from which to approach the perception and subjectivity of an era, thus being an integral social heritage, a window to the spirit of an era, and therefore the greater the number of actors (for better or for worse), the more complete and understandable it will be…”