Elena Fontal Aira

“Born in Barcelona in 1979, Elena lives and works in Paris since 2007.She studied Architecture and completed her studies with a Landscape Design degree at École du Paysage de Versailles in France.​

Painting and drawing have accompanied her professional practice from the beginnings of her career. It was landscape design, the way we experience rhythm and color in space, and her frequent visits to major gardens that opened her to the creation of nature inspired atmospheres.​Since 2007, she has trained with several confirmed French artists to improve painting technique and to implement her own vision.

She usually describes her artwork as “atmospheric impressions”, meaning unique and memorable experiences captured as color impressions. Nature and poetics of space are traduced in gestural paintings. Her work frequently inhabits the border between abstraction and figurative representation. She believes immediacy of the caption brings to the one who contemplates the spirit and essence of ephemeral.”