Edward Butler

From the age of six, Philadelphia-born Edward Butler has been compelled to paint. The youngest student ever admitted to the prestigious Samuel Fleisher Art Memorial School, he began his formal art education at 8. He went on to graduate from the Philadelphia College of Art with a BFA before moving to New York City, where he has been painting ever since.

Beginning in those early years, and continuing today, an endless stream of intense images—in a never-ending universe of color and shape, light and shadow, simplicity and beauty—fills his paintings. And although the specific focus of his work has evolved over the years, a true constant has been his attraction to images that stir the imagination—lush interior landscapes, beautiful women, and most recently, captivating animals.

​Mr. Butler’s work was first viewed at the New York Academy of Arts’ Take Home a Nude show, where he was invited to exhibit for three consecutive years. Today, Mr. Butler and his wife live in a 110-year-old brick row house in Long Island City, NY which he restored himself. A classically trained pianist, he also is an experienced aerobatic pilot and is currently restoring a vintage Triumph motorcycle.