Do Hiep

“​To many artists, art is a desire, To me, art is a delight, It makes me happy when I am sad, It helps me say things I dare not say, It helps me be busy when I am free, It helps me know who I am, And foremost it leads me.”


From the beginning of painting, I often paid attention to changes of shapes and light, the things I saw at the street corner every day, the advertising billboards or the illusion from daydreams in sunny days.


However, from 2010 to now, I have started to concentrate more on my own feelings about daily issue such as culture, community or the way people in developing countries see milestones of the previous feudal system and subsidiary period. I realized that the loneliness still lies in the wealth and different people in our society. They are living with their own pleasure and life. Or there is a contrast between the old and new styles. There are also challenges and obstacles of old people, old ideas to the adaptation.