Deborah Bowe

Deborah Bowe is an Italian American Artist who has resided in Europe, Asia and America and she is currently creating and exhibiting in the United States and internationally. Her artwork, to include her clay sculptures, art dolls and paintings reside in collections in Europe, Asia and across the United States by private collectors and Non-profit Organizations. Deborah’s paintings are often inspired by women of divine origins, courageous heroines, literature, poetry, nature, music and everything that surrounds her. Her artwork captures the complexity and the fragility of the human soul and they are the representation of an intimate and serene vision of a subtle and elegant beauty created with Acrylics and Mixed Media on canvas. The luminosity in her artwork reveals the intimate desire to highlight the importance of a spiritual being, nourishing the soul that will never cease to exist. Each painting is characterized by the richly textured and adorned motifs created with Mixed Media and everything else that inspires her. Deborah’s wish is to spark and to convey emotions through her art and she hopes that her artwork will transmit feelings of kindness and as beauty to the audience, across the space and time because art is what truly beautifies our world.