Dawn Chandler

It all started on a small parcel of fragrant New Jersey woodlands, where, as a young girl, artist Dawn Chandler first began to explore nature. Childhood camping & backpacking trips throughout New England with her family furthered her love of the outdoors. But it was an intense backpacking trip at the age of 15 at New Mexico’s Philmont Ranch—followed by many more summers there teaching backpacking skills to Boy Scouts—that sealed her destiny: After earning her MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania, Dawn strapped her enormous oak painting easel to the roof of her Jeep Cherokee and drove cross-country to make New Mexico her home. That was September of 1994, and Dawn has been celebrating her love of New Mexico and the American West ever since. From her “traditional” plein air and studio landscapes, to her uniquely visioned “textual landscapes” merging traditional landscape with passages of text and abstraction, Dawn’s passion for the big sky and dramatic colors and textures of the West is without question. Blessed with fans, followers and collectors who delight in her passion for the western landscape, Dawn is honored to have her paintings gracing the walls of countless private art collections throughout the country. She has been further blessed with opportunities to “escape the maddening world” and focus on painting without distraction at creative residency programs from Maine (Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture) to Wyoming (Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts), to Oregon (Playa Creative Residency Program). Beyond painting, Dawn has a voracious appetite for reading (she’s kept a list since the age of 14 of every book she’s ever read), writing (blogging, poetry and the lost art of hand-written letter-writing), pursuing an active plant-based lifestyle (her salad-making skills are nothing short of wizardry), and, of course, hiking and exploring. Among her life’s crowning achievements thus far is having bike-camped across much of Mexico (yes, the country!) and, in celebration of her 50th birthday, solo-backpacking the length of Vermont (274 miles) from Massachusetts to Canada. By her 6th decade she aims to have completed all 2000+ miles of the Appalachian Trail, among other endeavors.