Cynthia Eisenberg

I was born in the city of Buenos Aires, I’m a visual artist, producer and journalist. I worked for the organization “”Artemisa Noticias”” as an activist for gender equality through communication. I am a permanent artist of the Partage Galerie in Brussels. I’m currently working on various artistic projects on human rights and gender issues. I studied art with Eva Banach and Ana Armendáriz, Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Journalism at the Tomás Eloy Martinez Foundation and Art Direction at the San Martín Cultural Center. I have made individual and group exhibitions, participated in several meetings contributing my artistic vision to the debate on collective social issues.

“Cynthia Eisenberg’s work not only bears witness to the forces of her inner world but also mobilizes ours. From her highly feminine gaze arise figures that connect with the conscious becoming, are reflected in the fabric and behind the gesture, the questioning endures. In her paintings, the relationship between color, form, and surface establishes a dialogue between observation and emotion; the particular value of the expressive capacity and the significant power that matter has as a means is revealed. Her work thus becomes a starting point for a more profound, reflective and mysterious inquiry, and that is the fascination of her unique presence in contemporary art.” – Ana Armendáriz, plastic artist and set designer.

“Cynthia Eisenberg, a native of Buenos Aires. She works the female portrait in depth. A sensual and profound work where the intention is to make us participate in the debate on the place of women in society” -L’Informateur, 4-8-2020. Normandy, France.

“Her artistic approach is an invitation to full awareness of the present moment. Through her paintings of daily scenes, she captures our attention and awakens in us the feeling of the simple happiness of each day.” – Sylvie Enrot, Curator, 2020. Normandy, France.