Christian Pendelio

“Passionate about drawing at an early age, I discovered that a vector of expression through reading and study in the library. I discovered genres more or less old (allegories, illumination, surrealism), all of which have a common point, not only to support a purpose but to give it real life and body. Reading comics comforts me in the taste of telling, while using my brushes; I naturally place my work as an artist at the crossroads of comics, painting, illustration, and to a certain extent, cinema and animated theater.

A working track linking poetry and a representation, often symbolic, along with an Asian approach, has interested me for a few years. I particularly like my paintings, expressing metaphors, through images and associations of forms, words or ideas. For example poetically compare women to gardens, and as a result, men to butterflies.  And to play scales, conventions to express a poetic vision of our life. In this sense I like the idea of ​​Pagnol that poetry comes from common places, love, family piety, and even if my subjects may seem strange, actually painted in my paintings often what unites beyond the differences.

My paintings have been presented in galleries since 1994, are now almost everywhere in the world, in private collections. and exhibited regularly, particularly in Asia.”