Allen Capriotti

Art is my way of telling a story about the people I see every day. I try to show their importance, struggles, emotions, and station in life. I try to paint the visual cliff notes of the people I portray. I hope that the viewer will become part of each figures life and compare it to there own life.  I do not try to edit, exaggerate, or fix the sitter. I paint what I see. I fill to leave out one detail would changer the truth. I have many ideas for paintings but I do not start them until I find the right person that will best portray that idea. I complete the painting and hope it has some universal merit to the viewer. I can not wait to go on to the next painted idea and find the person will make it work. Portrait commission are also exciting, I love trying to find a way to delineate the personality of the sitter. Art is my way of showing the complexity and beauty of all of Gods creations. I love trying to replicate this beauty down to the smallest detail. Even the understanding of the materials I use and their application is vital to this goal. I am learning with every painting I complete and each new canvas is an adventure in my life.