Adrian Morton

“Adrian Morton (born 1989 in Pennsylvania) is an American artist known for his vivid attention to detail that translates into realistic drawings. His work is inspired by the emotions and power of moments. Each drawing is the result of an impactful moment that magnifies feelings, memories, thoughts, and passions.

Between the ages of 6-10 Morton had a heavy fascination with pencil drawings. His parents soon realized his desire and started buying him pencils and coloring books. However, Morton always drifted towards the traditional black and white style. He loved the fact that patience and tireless practice could lead to photo-realistic drawings. After 18 years of continuous drawing, he had a brief stint at the Art Institute of Philadelphia before taking a pause on drawing to attend business school. After a nine-year hiatus, Morton picked his pencils back up to pursue his passion.

Morton’s goal is to capture audience attention as they continue to ask, “You did this with a pencil?””