Abol Bahadori

“Painting is the primary method of expression for me. My mom says I started scribbling before I started talking. I was born in Tabriz, the capital city of Iranian Azerbaijan which is land of carpets and miniatures—motives and colors that are ingrained in my psyche. ​ I studied art in my hometown and later in Manchester, England. I have worked in various creative fields throughout my career.

As fabric designer, graphic designer, art director, and currently creative consultant, I’ve solely relied on fine arts and my continuous painting process as a source of inspiration. After years of making representational art and illustrations, I started abstract art in 2009, closely combining expressionist and colorist models while working intuitively. In the beginning of each painting I intentionally disengage my mind and try to let it pour (literally) from a place of feeling and not thinking then I observe, alter and touch-up until I connect with the piece.
My art was regularly awarded and recognized by The Art League, Alexandria, VA and more recently selected for Washington DC’s most anticipated art event; The Washington Project for Arts (WPA) Auction Gala 2018.”